The Celtic Collection I

Disc 1
01 Paddy & Friends O'Connor White, Orange and Green
02 Melody Greenwood Macushla
03 Celtic Ceili Band Three Young Ladies Drinking Whiskey Before Breakfast
04 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Ramblin' Irishman
05 Melody Greenwood Galway Bay
06 Celtic Ceili Band Close of the Day
07 Brian Dullaghan The Wild Rover
08 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Suit a Ruin
09 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Champion at Keepin' Them Rolling
10 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Night Visiting Sun
11 Melody Greenwood Maggie
12 Celtic Ceili Band Robert Emmet
13 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Baggarman
14 Melody Greenwood Spinning Wheel
15 Celtic Ceili Band Songs of the North
16 Brian Dullaghan When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
17 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Turtle Dove
18 Celtic Ceili Band Wearing of the Green
19 Brian Dullaghan Molly Malone
20 Melody Greenwood The Rose of Tralee

Disc 2
01 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Cry of the Celts
02 Melody Greenwood The Isle of Innisfrre
03 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Arthur McBride
04 Celtic Ceili Band Balinasloe
05 Melody Greenwood The Mountains of Mourne
06 Paddy & Friends O'Connor The Nightingale
07 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Port Laigre
08 Celtic Ceili Band The Southern Wind
09 Melody Greenwood If You're Irish Come into the Parlour
10 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Greensleeves
11 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Little Fairy, Big Fairy (Se Beag Si Mhor)
12 Celtic Ceili Band Morrison Merrily Kissed the Quaker
13 Melody Greenwood I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
14 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Feilim's Little Boat Phelims (Baidin Fheidhlimi)
15 Celtic Ceili Band New Rigged Ship
16 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Street Betsy from Pike
17 Brian Dullaghan Meeting at the Waters
18 Melody Greenwood Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms-Molly St
19 Brian Dullaghan Goodnight Irene
20 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Whiskey in the Jar

Disc 3
01 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Riverdance
02 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Fiddler's Green
03 Celtic Ceili Band Sport of the Chase
04 Melody Greenwood Danny Boy
05 Paddy & Friends O'Connor As I Roved Out
06 Celtic Ceili Band Murphy's Folly
07 Melody Greenwood The Last Rose of Summer
08 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Foggy Dew
09 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Gentleman Soldier
10 Celtic Ceili Band Manchester Hornpipe
11 Melody Greenwood The Harp That Once Through Tara's Hall
12 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Loch Lomond
13 Brian Dullaghan 40 Shades of Green
14 Celtic Ceili Band The Minstrel Boy
15 Melody Greenwood Mother Machree
16 Paddy & Friends O'Connor Gartan Mother's Lullaby
17 Celtic Ceili Band Roscarbury
18 Celtic Ceili Band Come Back to Erin
19 Brian Dullaghan The Flower of Sweet Strabane
20 Celtic Ceili Band Scarce O'Tatties

The Celtic Collection II

Disc 1
01 Susan McCann Limerick You're A Lady
02 The Dubliners Whiskey In The Jar
03 Bridie Gallagher Teddy O'Neill
04 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Riverdance
05 Ann Breen That's An Irish Lullaby
06 Paddy O'Conner & Friends The Lord Of The Dance
07 Josef Locke Mountains Of Mourne
08 The Dubliners Molly Malone
09 Rince Light Jig
10 Tara Folk Rincsend Rose
11 Connie Foley Rose Of Killarney
12 Eileen Donachy The Spinning Wheel
13 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Siamsa
14 Pat Woods Rose Of Allendale
15 Rince Trip To The Cottage
16 Frank McCaffey My WIld Irish Rose
17 Barnbrack Star Of The County Down
18 Susan McCann Lovely Rose Of Clare
19 Margo Shanagolden
20 Bridie Gallagher Lovely Irish Rose

Disc 2
01 The Dubliners The Town I Loved So Well
02 Eileen McMahon Margaret Barry
03 John Close Margaret And Me
04 The Guinness Choir The Derry Air
05 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Celtic Dream
06 The Dubliners The Sick Note
07 McSherry Ceili Band The Siege Of Ennis
08 John Glenn Boys From Co Armach
09 Hugo McClean Catch Me If You Can
10 Rince Barney Brannigan
11 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Stolen Kiss
12 Ann Mulqueen The Cliffs Of Dooneen
13 Shannon Singers Dear Little Shamrock
14 Hugo Duncan Pretty Little Girl From Omach
15 Susan McCann Rose Of Tralee
16 Hugo McClean Where My Eileen Is Waiting
17 Rince Off The Goes
18 Pat Woods Fields Of Atchenry
19 Frank McCaffey My Eileen
20 Susan McCann Lovely Rose Of Claire

Disc 3
01 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Cry Of The Celts
02 The Dubliners Finnegan's Wake
03 Margo Three Leaf Shamrock
04 Connie Foley Garden Where The Parties Grew
05 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Fiddler's Green
06 Ann Mulqueen Roish Dubh
07 Rince The Beginners Reel
08 Barnbrack Maggie
09 Shannon Singers The Old House
10 Rince St. Patrick Day
11 Ann Breen A Cottage By The Lee
12 Hugo Duncan I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
13 Susan McCann Eileen McManus
14 Paddy O'Conner & Friends Warriors
15 Sean O'Se The Cattle Of Dromore
16 Teamwork Give An Irish Girl To Me
17 Margo Emigrant's Letter
18 Big Jim I Will Love You All My Life
19 John Kerr A Little Pub In London
20 Ian Corrigan Irish Eyes

The Celtic Collection III

Disc 1
01 The Dubliners Skiberbbeen
02 Josef Locke The Old House
03 Tara Folk Farewell To Rhonda Valley
04 Susan McCann Wishful Drinking
05 John Close Back Home In Derry
06 Pat Woods My Old Native Land
07 Margo Three Leaf Shamrock
08 Barnbrack Delaney's Donkey
09 Sean O'Se Carrickfergus
10 Brier Folk Grace
11 Leo McCaffrey My Lagan Love
12 Brier Folk Drink Up Thy Cider
13 Frank McCaffrey Coastline Of Mayo
14 Emmet Spiceland Mary From Dunglow
15 Brier Folk Roisin
16 Susan McCann Could It Be I Don't Belong Here
17 The Dubliners Monto

Disc 2
01 Susan McCann Heavens Around Galway Bay
02 Ann Breen Gentle Mother
03 Bridie Gallagher Golden Jubilee
04 Guinness Choir irish Washer Woman
05 The Dubliners Free The People
06 The Dubliners The Parting Glass
07 Ann Mulqueen Sweet Dungarven Town
08 Margo Bonny Irish Boy
09 Ann Breen A Cottage By The Lee
10 John Kerr Ashoreen Bawn
11 The Dubliners Louse House In Kilkenny
12 Shannon Singers Bless This House
13 Bridie Gallagher Grandfathers Clock
14 Sean McGuire & Joe Burke Reels Farl O'Grara - Trim The Velvet
15 Ann Mulqueen Na Connery's
16 the Dubliners Weile, Weila, Weila

Disc 3
01 The Dubliners The Lark In The Morning
02 John Glenn Boys From Co. Armach
03 Ian Corrigan Irish Eyes
04 Josef Locke The Old Bog Road
05 The Dubliners The Button Pusher
06 Hugo Duncan Bunch Of Thyme
07 Susan McCann Big Tom Is Still King
08 The Dubliners Second World Song
09 Teamwork Give An Irish Girl To Me
10 Bridie Gallagher Teddy O'Neill
11 The Dubliners The Peat Bog Soldiers
12 Margo I'll Settle For Old Ireland
13 Ann Breen I'm Guilty Of Loving You
14 Marcha The Flower Of Sweet Strabane
15 Eileen Donaghy Do You Remember The Good Old Days
16 Hugo Duncan A Daisy A Day
17 The Dubliners Parcel Of Rogues

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